What does Sue offer?

  • Diving instruction and fun!
  • Technical dive training including overhead and shipwreck environments.
  • Individual custom training.
  • Small size classes.
  • Support for women and their needs!
About Sue Smith

Sue Smith is an expert in overhead and technical diving.  She has specialized in deep Great Lakes shipwrecks for 12 years.  Sue knows that you dive because it is fun and believes that training should be fun as well.  Courses with Sue are thorough and students are expected to show enthusiasm and dedication during training.

Benefits of training with Sue include small class size, flexible schedules, and a focus on Great Lakes shipwrecks.  Sue emphasizes safety, dive planning, and development of critical thinking skills.  She believes strongly in preparing students for the real world of diving.  Training is tailored to the student and the diver they wish to become.  After courses are completed, Sue encourages diver development to continue through mentoring.

Sue offers many services beyond technical and recreational diving instruction.  Other services include guided dives, mentoring, speaking engagements, consulting, workshops, and expeditions.  Sue is a dealer for Shearwater computers and the She-P.